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We have tailored our programs to allow for adaptation to your chosen sport or activity.  Endurance programs for endurance athletes and backcountry programs for backcountry athletes.  The physiological demands placed on the body while running an ultra race are much different than the demands a backcountry hunter will face pursuing his quarry, and because of this it’s vital that we train accordingly.  The programs focus on building the performance variables needed for success in your sport vs actually training the sport itself, that part is up to you.  What that means is that these programs will help to sharpen the scalpel and prepare the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints for the forces you will encounter in the mountains.  They will also help to create a cardiovascular system that can effectively supply blood and oxygen to the muscles so you can be #strongerlonger and experience a level of fitness and performance like never before.   

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Off Seasn Program

AT Home Cable Training

“The ANCORE cable unit has been a great addition to our training programs at XIP for athletes of all levels. Conventional weight stack cable units are lacking in their ability to accomodate high speed resistance, something the Ancore handles brilliantly. Having the ability to mount it anywhere in our gym or in your home make it a very practical choice for performance coaches and any athlete wanting to up their game without the bulk or expense of a weight stack unit.” 

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