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Lean and Mean - "Meat & Taters"

Lean and Mean - "Meat & Taters"


8 week Program - 4 Days


Training Variables - Muscular Strength and Endurance, Endurance, HIIT


Equipment - Sandbags or Pack, Continuous loop bands (½”, ¾”, 1”) , sliders (furniture sliders)


For FAQ and program description click here to watch video. 

Meat and Taters is a pack based program focused on building strength and endurance for the backcountry athlete tasked with carrying a pack.  This is a condensed version of the Lean and Mean program and does not include the movement prep, mobility and the recovery/stretching modules that the full Lean and Mean program does.


Hunters, through hikers, endurance race athletes, backcountry skiing/riding, game wardens and tactical athletes will see massive performance improvements with the use of this program.


The program includes strength workouts specific to the Backcountry Athlete, HIIT and work capacity circuits.


The first 4 weeks build a strong foundation of strength and endurance in preparation for weeks 5-8 where the training becomes more dynamic and further challenges the strength, stamina and movement diversity of the athlete.

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