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Ridgeline Athlete Free Trial

Ridgeline Athlete Free Trial


The Ridgeline Athlete FREE TRIAL is a one week sample from several of our programs.  This is not a full program so please understand that you are just seeing small fragments of an entire program. It is not advised that you use this trial to just repeat week after week as this could lead to overuse injuries and boredom.

If you like it enough to repeat it every week just imagine how good the entire program could be for the price of a coffee and a bagel sandwich each day...

With that said the recovery and stretching movements at the end of each session could be utilized effectively at the end of training sessions or as stand alone circuits for years to come.  And those you could use even if you never purchase a program from Ridgeline Athlete after this trial is complete.

I really hope you enjoy the trial and look forward to hearing from you all in the future. Don't forget to follow us on instagram and facebook @ridgeline_athlete and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all of the content, training tips, knowledge and discounts on future training opportunities.


Description - This trial week will give you a sample of several of our online programs so that you get an idea of how a training session is set up, how to navigate the app and a feel for what type of movements you may see.


Training Variables - Strength, power, endurance, work capacity, injury prevention, work capacity training, HITT.


Equipment needs - These pieces of equipment are not required but could be helpful in completing the trial.  Rower, Fan Bike, Mini bands, continuous loop bands, Barbells, plates, Dumbbells, loaded pack, sandbags.

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