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Josh, ME


"Coach Guyer has some incredible off the shelf pack training programs through Ridgeline Athlete which I took part in prior to working 1 on 1 with him. You don’t need tons of equipment or a fancy gym. I was amazed at what I could get done with some basic things… 

…His online/remote training using the train heroic app makes it super easy. The video instruction is top notch. Not only does he have fitness credentials and knowledge, but he also demonstrates success in the field, just like having a race coach who is also a top competitor. 

The 2022 season was very long and ended with success on a mountain in New England. I can 100 percent say that if it wasn’t for the preseason prep, I would not have been able to hunt as hard or long as I did. Grueling days tracking when your body doesn’t want to keep going is when the prep shows and you keep grinding. Huge thanks to Ridgeline Athlete programs and the guy who helps make it happen."


"I am a 35-year-old athlete and I have been training with Coach Guyer for almost a decade now. As I get older, my appreciation for the benefits of a regimented training program continues to grow.  XIP and the Ridgeline programs have helped me to gain a physical and mental foundation that allows me to pursue these sports at the highest level. This year, I put 300+ miles on my mountain bike, covered over 75 miles tracking whitetail deer with one 7 mile, 5 hour hunt ending with a trophy buck, and traveled to Switzerland for a week long ski trip, where I hiked, skinned and skied at elevation for 4 days. None of this could have been accomplished without the physical and mental foundation that I have established with my training."

Nick Guyer, VT


“The Backcountry Off-Season Program pushed me over my training hump and prepared me for my upcoming elk hunt. Creative adaptations to exercises are designed to help you crush those long, rigorous climbs in the mountains. Adrian checked in regularly to make sure I was getting the best results possible and answered all my questions while I worked through the program. " 

Lindsey Givens, CA


"An amazing resource for the backcountry hunter. I've been training with Ridgeline Athlete for years now and I continue to improve in my strength and conditioning each season. As a mostly solo backcountry hunter my physical preparation is the most important weapon I have."

Kevin Brooks


Name, Title

“I just finished up Phase 1 of the Ridgeline Athlete Programming and feel like I am already on my way to being more aerobically fit than I have been in a long time. Unlike many of the participants, I am not a hunter, but rather a recreational hiker & trail runner and am using the program as a way to prioritize my performance in these activities. Coach Guyer’s implementation of specific lactate threshold and VO2max training days has forced me to both realize my short-comings in my own training as well as bust my ass to improve my overall fitness - and it’s working. Whether you are a hunter or just a recreational outdoor athlete like myself, this program will help you realize your potential in these activities and take your performance to the next level.”

Jacki Iannoni


"I initially joined the program to support my husband, an avid hunter. As a mom of three, finding time (especially in a pandemic) seems impossible. With this program I was able to push myself, push new goals and involve my kids. I went from a college athlete to a runner/yoga enthusiast just to stay fit. With Adrian’s program I was able to find a new challenge. I pushed myself. The closest I’ve come to a push up is a vinyasa flow. Now I can do a “up and ova” off a sandbag. His program is easy to follow, the breakdown of exercises makes you feel confident and you know he’s in your corner. Having a virtual trainer that’s worth it seems iffy with all the apps emerging but Adrian’s attention to detail and each person makes it worth it. I’m not a hunter but I’m an athlete. His program is worth it if you’re willing to better yourself."

Jackie Hersey


“I train regularly for many reasons, one of which is to ensure I can not only continue to hunt the way I want to hunt but so I can also pack the animal off the mountain. My training before this program has been beneficial and successful to a degree for achieving my hunting goals but this program has opened my eyes up to so many areas my training misses. This program incorporates muscles through dynamic movements that I haven't used before. This program incorporates movements that require balance, stability and strength, sometimes simultaneously. These complex movements, though easy to implement, cause you to activate muscle groups that work together creating a strong foundation that is invaluable to the hunter.  This foundation has already changed my preparation for conquering all the obstacles I encounter on the mountain.”

Kyle Winte


"I was looking for a program to do on my own time and was simple but rewarding. I wanted to improve my strength and conditioning for skiing, trail running, and mountain biking. The Lean and Mean Pack Program was easy to follow and we didn't need to buy any extra gear. I used a sandbag and batteries in my pack and my wife used small dumbbells and squash! Each workout was about an hour and 3 times a week was easy to accomplish. After 4 weeks, I definitely saw improvement in my balance and strength and Coach Guyer is awesome at providing feedback and answering questions. I'm looking forward to Lean and Mean Part 2 and to see how my conditioning is going to pay off this summer on the trails!" much I’m still enjoying it now. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a workout program.”

Corey, MT


"The guides told me that many times they don't accept hunters who have been through surgeries like this, especially those at my age (67)...When the hunt was done they told me I was welcome to come hunt with them anytime. Without my training, hunting the way I like to wouldn't be possible anymore, I'd have to just sit in a stand all day."

Dana Emery
Carole Johnstone
Tim Mulligan


"As an aging endurance athlete who is also a father, husband, and school principal, I am experiencing the challenge of finding the time to put in the work in order to avoid injury and still train and race at a high level.  I was introduced to Coach Guyer and quickly realized that I just stepped into the best strength and conditioning program I’ve ever had in my life. The programs are constantly challenging me with different exercises and training techniques that are supported by the latest research in the field.  I am blown away by the success and gains that I have made as a 37 year old athlete! I would not have developed the strength and maintained the health needed to qualify for the 2019 Ironman 70.3 World Championships without this training."

Tim Mulligan Testimonial.jpg


I was looking to become a better endurance athlete in my sports as well as to better manage the physical demands of my job in law enforcement. Being a crunch time athlete, working 12 hour shifts in law enforcement, my time is limited to say the least. My schedule is always changing so it was extremely important to me to workout from home. Their online platform is tailored to my goals, needs and equipment. The program is easy to use with clear directions, great technique videos and most of all great communication from the coach. Sessions are challenging, creative with great build up sequences that are personalized to my needs. Adrian is very passionate in helping me reach my objectives. He is organized, extremely skillful and knowledgeable. My favorite parts about this online program are the convenience of working out from home, customized sessions in order to succeed in my plan and being in a supportive environment that encourages me to be my very best.


I cannot express in words how thankful I am for this program. It has truly been transformative! It has made me physically stronger, improved my cycling, skiing and trail running. I have gained explosiveness and agility and it has made me a better overall endurance athlete. I am also recovering faster, executing strong consistent workouts and being a much better functioning human in my everyday tasks. For my work, my annual recertifications for my physical and tactical qualifications were all passed on the first try which resulted from feeling more solid and confident due to my physical preparation. To be optimally ready for my sport competitions, I must incorporate various methods of training such as over distance, tempo sessions, intervals and the like. It is challenging to get it all done especially when short on time. Now, my strength sessions are non-negotiable and they get done every week regardless. The gains and improvements that I get from my training are 10 fold the results I would get from any other sport specific training.

Adrian’s program has helped me exceed my own expectations and have truly pushed me to levels I didn’t know I had. I am extremely re-energized and motivated to continue with the online program.  I have also added nutritional coaching with their online coach Jackie Iannoni, Adrian’s sister!  I am excited to see how far I can continue to improve. I cannot recommend XIP & Ridgeline Athlete’s online training enough! It was one of my best decisions ever to start this program!” 

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