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Backcountry Teams


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New athletes can onboard at the start of each month. 

The No Offseason Program was designed for those long winter months when many people tend to get lazy and forget about their goals.  We believe there is no offseason and this is truly the best time to make lasting improvements in your strength, your conditioning, your power and movement capacity so that yo can build a rock solid foundation that will support you in the months to come. 


Train alongside Coach Guyer and other backcountry athletes through an interactive online platform. 

  • Safe and effective training sessions built for the hunter athlete by a profesional coach.

  • Video tutorials and coaching cues for every movement, every step of the way.

  • No searching the web or external links to view video demonstrations.

  • Log all of your training data and track your progess through an app on your mobile device.

  • Trust that your training program has been tested and proven with other backcountry athletes and coaches.

You will build strength, power, endurance, work capacity, mobility and movement capacity while being coached through every movement, every step of the way.  The training is designed for the demands of backcountry hunting and places an emphasis on building a more durable athlete for the mtns, not just for the gym.

Athletes will need basic strength training equipment to complete this program, (equipment video below). You will also need a frame pack or weighted vest that allows you to load up heavy for some of the ruck training included in the program.
Is it a good fit for everyone? Not always. The program is going to challenge you physically and mentally, to be accountable to your training and your goals each week...Some people can’t handle being tested like that while others thrive in that type of environment. 

Regardless of training experience, beginner to the most elite, those who are ready to commit themselves to excellence every day, and truly want to be a better backcountry athlete, predator and human being will find great value in the training. 


No Offseson equipment needs found in video link below.  It is recommended that athletes have access to squat rack, hex/trap bar, plates, DBs or KBs, adjustable bench, sandbags, continuous loop bands, suspension trainer (TRX), step up box or sturdy cooler, some type of cardio equipment such as a rower or fanbike, and a plate loaded sled.  If you don't have this equipment you can still effectively complete the training, we provide substitutions for those with minimal gear.  With that said if you want to improve your strength it's important to have enough options to load up your movements progressively each week and month.  

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