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Backcountry Teams


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Train online with other like minded backcountry athletes. 
Click below to see team start dates.


Our backcountry teams bring folks from all over the map to train in an online team setting with other like minded backcountry athletes. 

Athletes have access to their training through an app on their phone, TV or mobile device and have the option to post their progress, chat with teammates, ask questions to their coach, post videos, etc. This creates a sense of community and tribe that can be such a powerful ingredient to improving performance. 

Join a Western Hunt Team or a Big Woods Team.  Training is very similar for each team, but the Western Team prepares you to go "in-season" in September while the Big Woods Team prepares for "in-season" to begin late October.

  • Safe and effective training sessions built for the hunter athlete by a professional coach who is in the trenches with you every step of the way.

  • Video tutorials and coaching cues for every movement, every step of the way.

  • Log all of your training data and track your progress through an app on your mobile device.

  • Trust that your training program has been tested and proven with other backcountry athletes and coaches over decades.

The training is designed for the demands of backcountry hunting and places an emphasis on building a more durable athlete for the mtns, not just for the gym.

Athletes will need basic strength training equipment to complete this program, (equipment video below). You will also need a frame pack or weighted vest that allows you to load up heavy for some of the ruck training included in the program. 

Teams are split into Western Hunting and Big Woods Teams that prepare athletes for a start in September and late October respectively. You can see the start dates for each team by clicking the registration link below.

Minimal Gear Needs for Backcountry Team Training

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