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Big Woods Hunter 8 Week Preseason Program

Big Woods Hunter 8 Week Preseason Program


The Big Woods Hunter 8 Week Preseason Program provides athletes with a comprehensive training plan that gives you all the tools you need to be more physically and mentally prepared for the demands of pursuing bucks or other game in the big woods.  The program is full of coaching tips & video tutorials for every movement you complete every step of the way.  The program is accessible through the Train Heroic mobile app that gives athletes the ability to track and record their progress and monitor and measure their results along the way.  

The program includes 6 days a week of programmed training. 4 of those days place emphasis on improving your strength and conditioning specific to backcountry hunting on foot in the big woods, a vital component to your success and longevity.  The other 2 days are more focused on your mobility and recovery as well as building a stronger foot and ankle.  We incorporate shooting in fatigued situations, rucking and how to set up your pack for success in the pack based training sessions. 


Athletes will need access to resistance training equipment such as a DB's and/or KB's, sandbags, a loadable pack, suspension trainer, continuous loop bands, etc. 


Watch this video for the equipment needs.

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