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8 Week Program - 4 Training Days + 1 Pack/Sandbag Work Capacity Session & 1 Day of Yoga and Recovery. 


Training Variables: Power, strength, HITT, Endurance 


Equipment Needs: Dumbbells, Barbells, Cable Machine, Fan bike or Rower, TRX Trainer, continuous loop band, Landmine.  

(Note: All of this equipment is not required but it will be helpful to have in your training arsenal whether you train at home or in the gym.)

Program Description:

This program progresses from “building a foundation” in the first 4 weeks of the program where we address your anaerobic threshold, or work capacity, through the implementation of HIIT, Lactate Threshold circuits and strength as it applies to the BC athlete.  We also work to address any aerobic inefficiencies so that we can effectively supply oxygen to all the working tissues. Prepare to work more muscles than you thought you had while building an engine that can do work for long periods of time. The second 4 weeks of the program builds an athlete's strength and power for the demands of backcountry athletics.  We will also continue to enhance your anaerobic threshold allowing you to accomplish more work at higher intensities over shorter periods of time. The program also includes a yoga day as well as recovery stretches and soft tissue work that can be implemented throughout the program.

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