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Lean and Mean Pack Program, 8-weeks

Lean and Mean Pack Program, 8-weeks


8 week Program - 4 Days


Training Variables - Muscular Strength and Endurance, Endurance, HIIT, Recovery/Stretching


Equipment - Pack or Sandbags, Continuous loop bands (½”, ¾”, 1”) , sliders (furniture sliders)


For FAQ and program description click here to watch video. 


This is a pack or sandbag based program focused on building strength and endurance for the backcountry athlete tasked who will be tasked with carrying a pack.  Hunters, through hikers, endurance race athletes, backcountry skiing/riding, game wardens and tactical athletes will see massive performance improvements with the use of this program.
The program includes 2 days of focused strength workouts, 1 HIIT focused training session, and one work capacity day.  

The first 4 weeks build a strong foundation of strength and endurance in preparation for weeks 5-8 where the training becomes more dynamic and further challenges the strength, stamina and movement capacity of the athlete.

We also include a stretching module on every training day to help with flexibility and recovery after tough workouts.  The entire program can be completed with a pack or sandbags and helps athletes become accustomed to the demands of carrying and manipulating a loaded pack and other awkward loads.  

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