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Backcountry Hunter 8 Week Preseason Program

Backcountry Hunter 8 Week Preseason Program


This 8 week program is designed to take the western backcountry hunter into the fall seasons with all of the tools they need to dominate in the mountains, both mentally and physically. The program places an emphasis on being stronger and having the capacity to go longer day after day, sometimes for weeks or months at a time.

Safe and effective training sessions built for the hunter athlete by a professional coach.  Trust that your training program has been tested and proven over decades with other backcountry athletes and coaches.


The BC Hunter program safely guides athletes as you build strength, power, agility, endurance, work capacity, mobility and movement capacity while being coached through every movement, every step of the way. The training is designed for the demands of backcountry hunting and places an emphasis on building a more durable athlete for the mtns, not just for the gym.

*Athletes will need access to resistance training equipment such as DB's, KBs, suspension straps, sandbags, continuous loop bands, a pack for rucking, step up box or sturdy cooler, cardio equipment (fanbike, rower, treadmill, or mtn bike)


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