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Archery Elite

Archery Elite


4 week Program - 2 days/week

Training Variables - Shoulder and Core Strength, Mobility 

Equipment - Continuous Loop Bands, Light DB’s


Welcome to the Archery Elite program! This program is designed as a supplemental program to help archery athletes build a more durable and effective platform of strength, endurance and mobility so that you can be at your best in-season and out.  The AE Basic program provides a minimalist approach to developing the strength and movement capacity needed for archery success. 

The repetitive nature of drawing, holding and releasing a bow and arrow can carry the potential for injury when athletes do not take the steps needed to fortify the tissues and structures involved in these movements. With a consistent implementation of these training sessions into your weekly routine you will see some really amazing changes in your strength and durability when on the range or in the woods. These improvements in your physical capacity will help you be a more effective and durable shooter for many years to come.


The program is 4 weeks long with 2 training days each week and can be utilized and repeated throughout the year for archers and bowhunters of all levels and abilities.  This program works well as a warm up to your shooting sessions or as a maintenance program to be completed on non shooting days.  Each session takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.  

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