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6 Weeks Out Backcountry Hunter

6 Weeks Out Backcountry Hunter


The 6 weeks out program is the perfect tool for those backcountry athletes who want to sharpen the scalpel and go into the season feeling mentally and physically prepared to dominate in any situation they encounter.  The program utilizes a pack loaded with sandbags to train everything from strength & endurance to functional movement capacity to help athletes move like a true apex predator in the woods.  It includes performance testing to keep you in check with your progress, recovery modules to help you be more prepared for the next days session, foot and ankle health modules to help you avoid injury and pain, stretching and flexibility and even videos that guide you through building your own sandbags and recovery sessions that can be done in your tent on the side of a mountain.  Your coach also helps you choose the correct loads for your rucks so that can stay safe and effective in your training. 

For those who want to train from home or just need a program that requires a minimalist approach with a massive return on investment this is the program for you!

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