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Ridgeline Athlete Packin' Heavy

Ridgeline Athlete Packin' Heavy


Heavy Pack Acclimatization Program 

6 week Program - 3 Days / week


Equipment - A pack that can be loaded with heavy weight.  

The Heavy Pack program is designed to help you acclimate to the demands of carrying a heavy pack in the backcountry.  The program is 6 weeks long with 3 training days each week, each day focusing on a different training variable or training focus to help the athlete fully adapt the to physiological demands placed on the body when enduring heavy pack situations.  The program provides athletes with recommendations for loading based off of your body weight and the heaviest loads you may encounter in the backcountry.  Coach Guyer provides athletes with video tutorials with training insight, tips and tricks that will help you stay safe and effective in your training.  Each training session includes a stretching and recovery module to help you improve your mobility and flexibility and recover faster from your training sessions. 


This program is the perfect option for athletes who need to prepare for an upcoming hunt or backcountry adventure and need to get time under the straps prior to the start of the season.  Hunting guides can ask that their hunters complete this program prior to their hunt and know that they will be ready to go when they arrive. 

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