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Ridgeline Athlete About Page


Ridgeline Athlete provides online training programs for driven wilderness athletes and adventurers.  The programs will provide evidence based training to safely and effectively help you reach your performance goals.  Coach Guyer's own passion and drive to be the best backcountry athlete he can be lead to the development of Ridgeline Athlete.  Ridgeline Athlete is dedicated solely to those who wish to dominate in the mountains while challenging the body and mind in sports that take place outside the lines where there are no boundaries, and where mother nature makes all the calls.

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This is not Crossfit, some bootcamp class, or just another online program that can only claim to make you sore and sweaty.  Who gives a shit how much you squat if you can't move well in the mountains?  Oh and sorry body builders this ain't for you either.  Serious athletes know that if you want to improve in your sport and stay safe you must have a strength and conditioning program that is designed with the demands of your sport in mind. These programs are designed to make you a better athlete for backcountry athletics and not just a better athlete in the gym.  


Coach Adrian Guyer

Coach Guyer is a full time performance coach with a passion for the outdoors.  He is the owner and founder of Xtra Innings Performance, a private training facility located in the northeast kingdom of VT.  15+ years of experience as a strength coach, speaker, writer, and consultant in the world athletic performance has allowed him the opportunity to work with over a thousand different athletes of almost every sport and discipline, many of which are backcountry athletes.  When he is not training athletes he is logging miles in the backcountry tracking whitetails, casting to trout and salmon, hunting grouse or pheasant with his Wirehaired Griffons or for calling for elk.  Ridgeline Athlete is a manifestation of his passion for the outdoors and his skill of training the human body to perform optimally in backcountry athletics.    

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