4 Week Program - 5 Training Days each week


Training Variables: Power, Strength, HITT, Lactate Threshold, Loaded Hikes


Equipment Needs: You can complete this program with DB’s, Bands and Fan Bike or Rower)  Dumbbells, Barbells, Cable Machine, Fan bike or Rower, TRX Trainer, continuous loop bands, Landmine, physio ball.  

(Note: All of this equipment is not required but it will be helpful to have in your training arsenal.  Most important equipment needs are DB’s, Fan Bike or Rower) and continuous loop bands)


Program Description:

The Off-Season Phase 2 program is perfect for the backcountry athlete preparing for hunting big game in the mountains who has already developed a foundation of strength and aerobic capacity.  For those new to a performance training program we recommend completing the Spring Training program and Phase 1 of the Off Season program prior to starting the Off Season Phase 2 program as this will help you build the foundation of muscular endurance and strength and cardiovascular fitness needed for layering on the more intense and sport specific strength training found in the Off Season Phase 2 program.  


The Backcountry Off Season program will build your strength and movement capacity as needed for performing in the mountains and also for fortifying your joints against all of the forces you will encounter.  We begin to adapt this strength to provide transfer and specificity to your sport, mountain athletics.  This is not a powerlifting program, or an olympic weightlifting program or some bootcamp class just to make you sweat.  I honestly don’t give a shit what you can do in the gym if it doesn’t transfer to what you do in the mountains, and many of the programs out there make that mistake.  This program will prepare you to be better for your sport, that I will guarantee.  If it doesn’t work for you after your first week you can have your money back.  


Sessions are anywhere from 50min to 1.5 hrs long depending on your level of fitness. 3 days of gym based strength and power workouts, and 2 programmed days in the mountains with a pack on your back.  We will spend a lot of time on your ability to move well while we also develop a stronger, more powerful and athletic predator.  If you move like shit, lack coordination and can’t get out of your own way, then lifting weights ain’t going to help you be a better athlete in the mountains.  Movement first, you must earn the load.  The Backcountry Athlete Off Season program is your answer to all of it.