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"I am a 35-year-old athlete and I have been training with Coach Guyer for almost a decade now. As I get older, my appreciation for the benefits of a regimented training program continues to grow.  XIP and the Ridgeline programs have helped me to gain a physical and mental foundation that allows me to pursue these sports at the highest level. This year, I put 300+ miles on my mountain bike, covered over 75 miles tracking whitetail deer with one 7 mile, 5 hour hunt ending with a trophy buck, and traveled to Switzerland for a week long ski trip, where I hiked, skinned and skied at elevation for 4 days. None of this could have been accomplished without the physical and mental foundation that I have established with my training."


“The Backcountry Off-Season Program pushed me over my training hump and prepared me for my upcoming elk hunt. Creative adaptations to exercises are designed to help you crush those long, rigorous climbs in the mountains. Adrian checked in regularly to make sure I was getting the best results possible and answered all my questions while I worked through the program. " 

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"As an aging endurance athlete who is also a father, husband, and school principal, I am experiencing the challenge of finding the time to put in the work in order to avoid injury and still train and race at a high level.  I was introduced to Coach Guyer and quickly realized that I just stepped into the best strength and conditioning program I’ve ever had in my life. The programs are constantly challenging me with different exercises and training techniques that are supported by the latest research in the field.  I am blown away by the success and gains that I have made as a 37 year old athlete! I would not have developed the strength and maintained the health needed to qualify for the 2019 Ironman 70.3 World Championships without this training."

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